Ex-Cap – A legit CDI broker you can consider? (ex-cap.com review)

Ex-Cap Review

Ex-Cap is an online broker registered with the FSA and regulated by M.I.S.A, offering crypto-denominated instruments. At first glance, it seems like the company wants to take advantage of the growing demand for crypto-related products. 

To do so effectively, several requirements should be met. If you are one of the people interested in CDIs, then maybe this is the time to learn more about what Ex-Cap is able to provide. This broker review is a good start, so let’s go ahead. 

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Trading CDIs

Crypto-denominated instruments, or CDIs, are tokenized assets you can use to trade across the broad financial markets. Basically, Ex-Cap allows you to deposit crypto and then trade instruments that are also priced in cryptocurrencies like USDT. 

In doing so, you no longer have to exchange crypto to find and then make the deposit. The broker helps with cost reduction and creates opportunities for crypto holders. The asset coverage is not limited to crypto since you can trade on tokenized FX, stocks, commodities and indices. Margin trading combined with flexible costs are other benefits facilitated by Ex-Cap. 

Account solutions

Basic is the first account part of the offering designed by the broker, acting as an entry-level solution. Despite this, you still get to enjoy the full list of instruments with up to 1:200 leverage. At the same time, this is the only account carrying commissions, on top of regular spreads and swaps. 

If you want to trade with no commissions, the other account options are Classic and Individual. Spreads are tighter and you can even gain access to a dedicated account manager. 

Ex-Cap account types

Customers engage the markets using versatile and easy-to-use trading software, accessible via any type of device. This shows that Ex-Cap is interested in attracting a broad range of users, not just those with a long background in crypto. 

In terms of funding options, you should note that the broker does not accept fiat deposits. You can only deposit and withdraw in crypto. This can be easily done from your personal wallet to the address generated by the broker once you register for an account. 

Ex-Cap CDI benefits

Support service

The customer support service is another feature that looks well-made, simply because as a trader you have many ways to engage with an agent. Both phone and email support are available, so anytime you have something to ask, Ex-Cap looks forward to receiving your inquiries. 

Things get even better for registered clients, especially Individual account holders, who have access to a dedicated account manager. He will be in charge of making sure that you have everything needed to trade effectively. 

Final thoughts on Ex-Cap

Ex-Cap ventures into the CDI trading space with ambitious goals and wants to flexibly address the needs raised by cryptocurrency holders. As our review shows, the broker did a great job and now you can trade directly with crypto. Some people no longer want to deal with fiat currencies, so offering tailored services for them is appropriate.

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